A Few Practical Tips for Using levélo

Bikes must always be hooked to a bollard - always!

To facilitate travel by bike, La Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolitan mobility authority has set up an all-new levélo service.

A fleet of electric bikes deployed across 200 stations in Marseille.

With 100% e-bike, this new system offers an attractive alternative to individual cars for all your urban and daily travel.

Up to 65 km of battery autonomy and 25 km/h in speed

Have you finished your route? Great! It’s important to put your bike back on the bollard properly. This will allow you to return your bike correctly, end your route and make the bike visible on the app for other users.

Ultra-compact bollards to recharge the self-service bikes connected to each other by magnets.

It’s super easy to return a levélo bike! 

The bikes are kept side-by-side: bring the bike close in parallel to the bollard or the first accessible bike. 

Make sure the tyre slides into the rail on the ground and turn the handlebars slightly. Align the dots on the back and front of the bike (see photo); they’re the magnets used to secure and recharge the bikes. 

To find an available bike, just log into the app and activate your geolocation. The bollards will appear in orange and the number of bikes available will be displayed in the circles.