The Guide to Being a Good Cyclist: a Decalogue

I shall be vigilant using levélo.

Have a safe ride by following these 10 tips throughout your route. Although these tips may seem rather simple, they should nonetheless be strictly observed when riding: 

  • Maintain a safe distance of 1 metre away from any vehicle on the route as well as from the roadway
  • Do not zig-zag between vehicles
  • Go to the front of the lane at intersections to be completely visible
  • Pay special attention to parked vehicles and car doors which may be suddenly opened 
  • Do not remain in any car, lorry or bus blind spots
  • When riding with others, pass other vehicles in single file 
  • Slow down even if you have the right of way 
  • Be aware of any uneven road surfaces, manhole covers and other obstacles 
  • Be wary of tramway rails as your bike tyres could be punctured!