Subscriber Transfers


Your levélo service is pleased to announce that you may use the all-new e-bikes as of 19 December 2022. The old mechanical bikes will no longer be available after that date. But your service will continue. Here you can find everything you need to know if you’re already a subscriber or if you hold a Transpass or Lacarte card.

You already have a subscription 

You can access and enjoy the new 100% electric levélo service without any additional cost until your current subscription expires.

Good news!!! All of your benefits (bonus minutes and credits) will be transferred to your new service. You won’t lose a thing!

Your subscription transfer types

Starting now, all you have to do is register* to transfer your subscription and your bonus points by clicking on the link below. It will only take a few minutes.

*Pursuant to the law, some confidential data such as your bank details cannot be disclosed to the new operator. Therefore, your bank details will be requested again.

Careful! You’ll no longer be able to use the same email address for several subscriber accounts.

Please contact customer support by responding to this email if your email address is being used for several subscriptions.

Steps to follow after transferring your subscription

➡ Download the app and create your account 

➡ Find a bike available nearby 

➡ Unlock the bike by scanning the QR code on the handlebars or mud guard

➡ Enter your destination and take advantage of the GPS system (optional) 

➡ Enjoy your route and then leave your bike at the station 

You have a valid transport card 

➡ Download the app and create your account

➡ Click on the “My transport card” tab then enter the 10 figures from your card (on the back) 

➡ Unlock your bike by scanning your transport card

Attention: only Transpass or Lacarte cards are compatible with your levélo service. 

For a free card, please follow these instructions: 

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